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 mykonos island of greece

Mykonos was served as an extra dish on my plate during my visit to Greece. But after visiting Mykonos I realized that it was like my favorite sweet pudding for me. It was the best part of my journey. Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece which is known for its exquisite beauty and serene beaches. Having received a substantial amount of wonderful, influential Greek history in the Greek capital of Athens, we eagerly await the unfolding of the layers of our journey ahead as we immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of Mykonos and the islands of Santorini for the next four days. Wanted to rest while drenching.

port of athens

After having breakfast in the guest house of Athens in the morning we reached Piraeus Port, the main port of Athens. Here we boarded a ferry called 'Blue Star Luxury Yacht' which was waiting to take us to Mykonos Island. This very luxurious majestic yacht had wide open terraces in many places all around, one of which was very close to where we were sitting. We got up and came out to see the view of the sea outside. It was raining outside. There were clouds in the sky. The wind was blowing very fast on the roof. Initially, my attention did not go around as I was busy enjoying this wonderful environment. Showers of rain falling from above, cool gusts of cool breeze and aura of sunrise. As the rain showers stopped, my eyes fell on the surrounding landscape. Seeing the beauty all around, my eyes opened and were left open.

Aegean Sea – Greece

Surrounding us was the deep blue Aegean Sea, a long coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. Having lived for many years in a wonderful seaside area like Goa, the sea and the beach are not new elements to me. Apart from Goa, in India and outside India also, I have seen seas and beaches in many places. But I had never seen such a beautiful sea as the Aegean Sea. Clear as glass, this very deep blue ocean had attained the best place in my mind. It is impossible to put into words so many shades of blue, the divine cleanliness of the water and the most pleasing atmosphere. It is necessary to gain experience in order to believe.

Panoramic view of islands by ferry

Standing on the open terrace of the yacht, we gazed at Syros and Tinos islands approaching. We were amazed by the stupendous beauty of the architectural landscapes of these islands. We were getting a panoramic view of the wonderful combination of Cyclades architecture and medieval architecture from this ferry away. Cyclades architecture is characterized by white-coloured square houses, circular paved paths, ancient windmills and the ubiquitous blue-domed cathedral.

From the deck of the yacht we could see innumerable marble steps between the narrow streets leading from the beach to the top of the hill. On either side of the stairs were beautiful houses whose doors and windows were painted the same color. The excellent views of the islands had mesmerized us. We were looking forward to landing on each of these islands. But these islands were not our destination. We began to hope that Mykonos would be filled with similar scenarios.

Twilight off the coast of Mykonos Island

After 5 hours of amazing landscape viewing, we reached Mykonos. The island of Mykonos, known as the Island of the Winds, appears to live up to its name. It gave us a grand welcome with gusts of clean and pleasant wind. We were told that this is the most famous and universal Cyclades island. This island is considered one of the most popular beaches in the world. Mykonos is also very popular as one of the best party destinations in the world.

From the port we arrived at a picturesque coastal resort where our stay was already arranged. The calm sea of ​​deep turquoise blue was right on our porch. But as soon as we reached there, it started drizzling again to put a dent on our enthusiasm. My daughter's feelings were hurt the most. If this drizzle continues like this, then the program of visiting the famous footpath and windmills located in the ancient city of Mykonos will be ruined on the second day. Then we thought that unnecessary worry never did anyone any good. We focused our attention on spending a beautiful evening on the beach of the resort and headed towards the sea. Luckily the rain showers stopped and the beautiful clear blue sky emerged adding to our enthusiasm.

As I said, being from Goa, the beach is not new to me. But this coast of Mykonos took us to a new world. I had seen such a beach, such beauty and such a landscape for the first time in my life. It is very difficult to put this beauty into words. You will understand my glee only after watching this.

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